Construction Manager Honors Safety Consultant

Grand Rapids, Michigan, August 14, 2018 – For the past few years CD Barnes Construction has been recognizing their contractor partners with a quarterly Key to Our Success Award. The award is just one way in which the construction manager is showcasing their gratitude towards the contractors that are willing to go the extra mile on various construction projects. This quarter CD Barnes has presented the award to their safety consulting firm, Tammy K. Clark Companies (TKCC), for helping them step up their safety program. According to their website, “TKCC is a full-service safety consulting company that offers a wide range of safety services to the construction industry.”

Two years ago, CD Barnes Construction developed a strategic plan to raise the bar on jobsite safety. In the past, CD Barnes’ safety program was internally managed. After much soul-searching CD Barnes decided to reach out to an outside safety consultant. President of CD Barnes Construction, John Drozer elaborated, “Enter TKCC and Tammy Clark to push the envelope on our new commitment to zero tolerance jobsite safety. At the very beginning of our journey, Tammy made it clear that we would not see a change overnight.” CD Barnes and TKCC’s joint commitment to raise the bar on their safety program could only be executed if everyone bought in and top-level management remained diligent in consistently reminding their own employees and contractors of their new policies and procedures.

Fast forward a year and half later and the partnership has taken huge strides. Tammy has worked diligently with the CD Barnes team on first aid certifications, safety inspections, safety kick-off meetings, and specific subcontractor one-on-one trainings. Whenever there is any doubt with a jobsite safety issue, CD Barnes relies on her first-hand knowledge and experience to guide their team. Even when things get sticky, Tammy’s unique approach of treating every situation as an educational opportunity versus playing safety cop alleviates the headache that is oftentimes associated with the red tape.

Although it has only been a year and a half since CD Barnes brought Tammy onboard as part of their team, they have already taken leaps and bounds towards raising the bar on their safety program. Proof of this is having been awarded a Diamond-level Safety Training and Evaluation Process (STEP) Award presented by the Associated Builders and Contractors for the last three consecutive years.