YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids Receives NCAA Tournament Donation

Grand Rapids, Michigan, May 17, 2021 – Employees, clients, and consultants of CD Barnes Construction participated in a team building challenge during the March Madness Tournament earlier this year. The competition was not the typical NCAA bracket challenge that most people are familiar with. The goal was to have the most points at the end of the championship. Throughout the tournament, teams carefully selected their winning basketball teams for each round and points were awarded based on the margin of victory of the winning teams. The endgame wasn’t just about team building or competing for bragging rights. The real victory was in the giving. The first-place team got to choose a non-profit to donate $1,000 to, and the second and third place teams were given cash prizes.

This year’s winners were Jon and Mark Lunderberg of Buiten & Associates, who are CD Barnes’ bonding and insurance consultants. Jon and Mark selected the YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids to give the $1,000 donation to. Jon shared why he chose the YMCA as the recipient of the donation, “My family have been lifelong supporters of the YMCA. This past year, I have been especially proud of the Grand Rapids YMCA addressing food insecurity, or the lack of consistent access to enough food for an active healthy life. 80,000 people in Kent County lack reliable access to healthy food. On March 16, 2020, when schools shut down, many students lost their ability to reliably receive breakfast and lunch. The YMCA shifted their resources to fill this need. Since that date, the YMCA stepped up and delivered 264,220 meals to youth in the Grand Rapids community.” Jon continued, “Mark and I graciously request that a donation be made by CD Barnes Construction to the YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids to support their vision to address food insecurity and increase access to affordable, healthy food in our community.”

Pictured is Lacey Dixon, VP of Mission Advancement and Marketing, YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids, and Jon Lunderberg, Partner, Buiten & Associates