Pre-Construction Services

CD Barnes’ pre-construction services team has over sixty years in the construction industry. Our team will plan, coordinate, and manage the project from conception to the start of construction in a way that not only meets the needs of the project owner, but does so functionally and financially.

CD Barnes Construction’s main objective during the pre-construction phase is risk mitigation for the project. Our goal is to eliminate any unpleasant surprises that could otherwise come to light during the construction process. Like the old adage states, “measure twice, cut once”—the more thorough we are in planning, the smoother the construction process will be.

By using a detailed pre-construction services plan, CD Barnes Construction is able to provide better documents, fewer cost changes, a better understanding of construction schedule and sequencing, and fewer “headaches” for all involved.

A systematic pre-construction services plan entails:

  • Review of Drawings and Project Specifications: The pre-construction process will begin with our team reviewing the drawings and specifications; this will be an opportunity for them to assist the team with design decisions and evaluate the drawings for constructability and feasibility.
  • Master Schedule Development: Our team will create a realistic timeline with critical path deadlines and identification of long lead time items to ensure the project’s on-time delivery. We will determine the availability of staff, materials, supplies, and other resources needed to complete the project.
  • Estimating and Value Analysis: A detailed estimate of the project will be developed. And we will review the documents for value engineering opportunities and assist the owner in making informed decisions regarding building materials, upfront costs, and life-cycle costs.
  • Pre-Qualification of Subcontractors: Drawing on over sixty years of personnel experience, our team will determine the best list of subcontractors to solicit for the project. Selection will be based on relevant experience, ability to staff the project and maintain schedules, financial strength, and safety record.