Skymint Muskegon


Muskegon, MI

CD Barnes Construction took a shuttered restaurant in Muskegon and renovated it into a state-of-the-art cannabis dispensary for Skymint. It was the third partnership between Skymint and CD Barnes. The new dispensary includes a vestibule, lobby, reception area with check-in stations, open salesfloor, offices, receiving area, employee break room, and fulfillment space. The existing vaulted ceilings were whitewashed, and the exposed beams were painted and outfitted with a copious amount of track lights to emphasize the products on display on the salesfloor. Wall-mounted display cases that are internally lit stretch across the walls around the salesfloor. Scattered throughout the dispensary are succulents that complement the natural wood accents and give the store an earthy ambience.

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