1000 E. Paris Common Areas


Grand Rapids, MI

CD Barnes Construction has had the pleasure of completing numerous projects at the 1000 East Paris medical office building. Upgrades of the common areas included demolition and reinstallation of staircases, corridors, atriums, and restrooms, all while the building remained open for daily operations. Additionally, CD Barnes has done three individual tenant renovations within the building. Each of them entailed demo, lab spaces, treatment and exam rooms, restrooms and employee break areas.

“Working with CD Barnes on the upgrades of our building has been a great experience. Corridor, entrance, bathroom, and lobby construction in an occupied medical office–busy with patient and staff traffic–is never easy, yet their team rose to the challenge. We even received compliments from our tenants on the level of professionalism, communication, and respect exhibited by the project team. We owe the final project’s success–both a beautifully renovated space, happy tenants and patients, 100% to CD Barnes.” – Vice President

Other Office Projects