Kentwood Packaging Undergoing Renovations

Grand Rapids, Michigan, April 2, 2015 — Kentwood Packaging Company, located on Avastar Drive, off of Alpine, just south of the freeway and based in the former Leer plant is undergoing renovation. “We feel privileged to have our first opportunity to work with Kentwood Packaging on this renovation project,” stated Kirt Ojala, vice president of business development. “KPC is leading the industry in customized packaging solutions for their clients,” Ojala continued, “We look forward to providing them with a more efficient space in which to do so.”

The majority of renovation work is taking place in an unused portion of the building, where a conference room, break room, janitor’s closet and toilet rooms will be added. There will also be work done to renovate an existing conference room, expediting room and corridor. Upgrades include the removal of existing carpet and refinishing the floors with polished concrete, walls will be repaired and painted, several doors will be replaced and more will be added, existing wood ceilings will be cleaned and sealed, new lighting, and new counter tops and sinks.

Anticipated construction completion is May 1, 2015.