J.B. Builders is named Key to Our Success Award Recipient

Grand Rapids, Michigan, October 12, 2018J.B. Builders of Grand Rapids Inc. was just awarded the quarterly Key to Our Success Award from Grand Rapids-based general contractor, CD Barnes Construction. The award is a symbol of appreciation and recognition for subcontractors who exemplify the best in performance, quality, and communication on CD Barnes’ projects. J.B. Builders was founded in 2005 and specializes in carpentry, framing, and general trades for commercial construction projects.

In previous years, CD Barnes has given the award to a contractor for their work on a specific project. This quarter, however, J.B. Builders was awarded for their performance on several different projects that they are currently working on with CD Barnes. CD Barnes’ project managers all agreed on giving J.B. Builders the award for several reasons. First, J.B. Builders has stepped up their safety efforts, tremendously, in the last few years, even adding a full-time safety director to their team. Secondly, the subcontractor has been very professional in addressing issues in a timely manner when one does arise on a project. Furthermore, J.B. Builders has been able to assist CD Barnes and their clients with planning during the preconstruction stages of a job, contributing to smooth sailing once the project is started. And finally, CD Barnes’ President, John Drozer said, “J.B. Builders’ quality has improved tenfold in the last couple of years. Their team is paying closer attention to detail which means our team is able to turnover a building in a quicker time frame; and that’s a win-win for everyone involved.”

J.B. Builders of Grand Rapids Inc. wins Key to Our Success Award from CD Barnes Construction
Pictured from left to right is: Vic Schut, CD Barnes, Site Manager – Todd Oosting, CD Barnes, Executive Vice President – Jonathan Stoner, CD Barnes, Site Manager – Jeff DeVries, J.B.Builders, President – John Drozer, CD Barnes, President – John Maycroft, CD Barnes, Project Manager