Why CD Barnes


Our executive leaders share a vision for success grounded in knowledge, open communication, ethics, respect, and quality service. With over 150 years of collective construction experience among them, the executive team provides strategic and operational leadership to the company’s team.

John A. Drozer—President

Leadership DrozerAs President of CD Barnes Construction, John Drozer is responsible for both the business and operational direction of the company. Prior to his appointment in 1995, Mr. Drozer held senior executive positions in construction companies and as head of construction departments of fortune 1000 organizations. He oversaw building projects in the hundreds-of-millions of dollars with companies such as SAE, Spaw Glass, SAE Americon, Rogers Construction, and H.F. Campbell. John has a Masters of Engineering Management from the University of Detroit and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of Michigan. He may be contacted via email by using the following address:  jdrozer@cdbarnes.com.

Todd G. Oosting—Executive Vice President

Todd Oosting has spent the last 20 years at CD BarnesTodd Oosting Construction overseeing contract negotiations, land acquisition, development, consulting, and property management, as well as the sales and marketing programs. Prior to joining CD Barnes he was the general manager of operations at Terrace Point Development Group, a subsidiary of SPX Corporation. Todd has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Management from Albion College and a Certification in Plans and Specifications from the  Associated Builders & Contractors, Inc. Todd’s email address is: toosting@cdbarnes.com

Dale H. Kraker—Corporate Secretary

DaleAs Corporate Secretary at CD Barnes Construction, Dale Kraker is responsible for the management of development projects, land acquisition, planning, entitlement process, financial analysis, engineering, and architecture. Prior to joining the company, he served as the Vice President of Eastbrook Development and as a project manager for such companies as The WBDC Group, Inc., American Acquest, Realcorp, and Robert Lee Wold & Associates, Inc. Dale has a Masters of Science in Business Real Estate from the University of Wisconsin, a Masters in Architecture from the University of Michigan, and a Bachelors of Science in Architecture from the University of Michigan. Dale may be contacted at: dkraker@cdbarnes.com

David W. Smith—Chief Financial Officer

As CFO of CD Barnes Construction for the past 20 years, DavidDave Smith Smith is responsible for all areas of the company’s finances and information systems including: financial analysis and management, costing analysis, information systems, risk management, and financial management of all projects. Dave has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Ferris State University and his Professional and Construction CE from the Fails Management Institute. Email David: dsmith@cdbarnes.com

Kirt S. Ojala—Director of Client Services

KirtAs the Director of Client Services at CD Barnes Construction, Kirt Ojala is responsible for walking clients through the entire construction process. From concept to completion, Kirt assists with the recommendation of engineering, architectural, geotechnical, and environmental consultants, property acquisition, obtaining permits, and determining finishes. Prior to Kirt joining our team in 2014, he spent twelve years working as the regional director of leasing at the Hinman Company. Kirt received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Michigan. Kirt may be contacted at: kojala@cdbarnes.com